Google Chrome Extension: Gmail Inbox App

What is possible in Microsoft Outlook is now possible in your Gmail too.

For those who already use Web Clipper the new Gmail Add-in is a part of the application so restart your Chrome and the Gmail add-in will be automatically added to your Gmail.

For those who did not try or use Web Clipper follow the instructions below on how to enable it.

Close your Google Chrome (NOTE: This extension works only in Google Chrome and it does not work in IE, EDGE, Firefox, Safari, Opera or any other browser).

Re-open your Google Chrome and click on the 3 dots top right hand corner of your browser.



Click on Settings from within the menu and browse to ''About''.

Make sure your Google Chrome is up to date - the version has to be 55.xxxxxxxx

It is enough to close/reopen to update your Google Chrome to the latest version.



When done checking the version, browse to the ''Extensions'' as in the next screenshot below.



Click ''Get more extensions''

You will be re-directed to the chrome web store.

Search for the Pipeliner Add-in by typing Pipeliner in the search bar.






It take few seconds and Google Chrome will notify you if you want to add ''Pipeliner CRM''? 

Click Add extension and you are all done.

The Pipeliner icon will appear in top right hand corner of your browser.

Click the icon and sign in with your Pipeliner details.



You are all set now.

Close your Google Chrome and re-open for the configuration to take effect and when you login to your email next time, Pipeliner CRM Google Chrome Extension will be present.



How to use Web Clipper topic can be found here:

Web Clipper


If you use Google Chrome in incognito mode the Add-in can be enabled as well, however you have to go back to the Settings > Extensions > and select the option: Allow in Incognito.




Functions not supported by Google Chrome due to the limitation of Google Add-ins Architecture:

1.) You will not be able to attach documents from Pipeliner documents through the add-in

2.) You will not be able to invite attendees to your meetings through the Add-in.


Please see the video ( Pipeliner Gmail Addin) for recap on what can be achieved with the latest addition to Pipeliner products family - Pipeliner CRM Google Chrome Extension: Gmail Inbox App


Pipeliner CRM Google Chrome Extension: Gmail Inbox App

Pipeliner CRM Gmail Inbox App is part of the Pipeliner CRM Google Chrome Extension, and allows full and powerful integration between Pipeliner CRM and Gmail. If you work within Gmail, we don’t want you to have to switch back and forth to utilize Pipeliner’s instant intelligence, visualized. It’s all right there, accessable from Gmail.


Quick Create Records from Email

The Gmail Inbox App Quick Create feature enables you to create a record from within Gmail as a:

  • New Account
  • New Contact
  • New Lead
  • New Opportunity
  • New Task
  • New Appointment

The Quick Create feature also rapidly allows you to save an email contact and its attachments as:

  • a Feed Message to Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts.
  • a Document to Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts. You can also save email attachments only as Documents.

Read Email Features

For any email in your Gmail Inbox, you can view all contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, tasks, and appointments associated with email addresses—without switching between Pipeliner CRM and Gmail.

  • If the contact that wrote you is not in Pipeliner CRM, you can easily save it to Pipeliner. 
  • You can review all related business that you have previously done with that contact, including all related leads, opportunities, accounts and even activities.
  • You can create and save all content from any email received to Pipeliner CRM.
  • You can create and save additional records to Pipeliner CRM, related to the contact that wrote you.

Compose Email Features

When composing a new message to your contacts you can:

  • Add contacts as recipients
  • Add sales teams as recipients

Smart Inbox Preview Pane

The Smart Inbox Preview Pane enables you review all associated contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and activities directly within your online Gmail. You do not have to leave Gmail to obtain more details about the contact your are currently speaking with.

  • Review Contact’s related data
  • Create new data related to the selected Contact
  • Save a currently received email to the Pipeliner Contact
  • Call contact directly from within Gmail (over Pipeliner Mobile CRM App)

Through the Preview Pane, you can preview data from Pipeliner CRM related to a selected email. Click on any email in your inbox, and the Pipeliner CRM Gmail Inbox App matches data from the sender and recipients with data in your Pipeliner CRM. 

  • Detects Existing Data
  • Detects Pipeliner Users
  • Relates existing records from Pipeliner to the Sender
  • Detects “Unknown” Data


Get the Google Chrome Extension Gmail Inbox App Today!

If you are running the latest version of Pipeliner CRM (Pipeliner Continuity), on either the Starter, Business or Enterprise tier, simply download the Pipeliner CRM Google Chrome Extension. You’ll then have the Gmail Inbox App, the Pipeliner Web Clipper, and any future Google Chrome Extension apps developed for Pipeliner CRM.


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