History Audit in Pipeliner CRM

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Pipeliner CRM Software provides you with all the information you need for accurate forecasting, planning, monitoring, and execution of your sales strategy and tools. You can  reconstruct an entire chain of events and activities for each opportunity or for an entire team.

Types of History Audits

Pipeliner enables you to audit for all activities and individual fields changes. You can use two types of audits:

  • General Audit - Find it under "Reports" and "Audit." It enables you to run an audit report on the entire pipeline including all entities.
  • Entity-Based Audit - Find it within each entity (opportunity, lead, account, or lead) under tab "Audit.

Key Features:

  • Track changes on each field within the entity.
  • Track changes for the Pipeliner user.
  • Filter changes in order to narrow report results.
  • Print report in PDF format.

How To Use the Sales Opportunity History Audit

Access the History Audit

In order to access the sales opportunity history audit please follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Pipeline."
  2. Double-click or click "Open" within the opportunity Quick-View to open the opportunity.
  3. Within the opportunity tab, click on the "Audit" tab.

By default, you will be able to see the history audit for the current week. However, you can alter the filter to see a complete history audit for selected sales opportunity.

How to Filter (Set Up) the History Audit

In order to filter the history audit just click on the "Filter" icon at the top right of the history audit. Within the filter you can define:

  • Activity to display - a list of all activities and fields updates that are tracked by Pipeliner within the history audit.
  • Ownership Change
  • Creation
  • Update
  • Qualification
  • Move
  • Status Change
  • Period - define the time period for the data the report generates.
  • Changed by - identify the Pipeliner CRM user or users who performed the changes on this opportunity.


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