Calling with Skype Over Pipeliner CRM Desktop App

As you might have already discovered, you can call your customers from the Pipeliner CRM Desktop App on your mobile phone. However, if you prefer to call your customers using Skype, you can use the following Pipeliner CRM integration with Skype.

How Skype Calling over Desktop Works

If you are already using latest the latest version of Pipeliner CRM, you can follow these steps to initiate a Skype call via the Pipeliner CRM desktop app.

1. Go to Skype and find a Skype username.

Skype Profile Name

2. Create a URL with the Skype username to be able to call using the web browser. Example of Todd Martin URL: skype:toddcmartin?call (toddcmartin is a Skype username)

3. Convert this url to the URL accepted by Pipeliner using services.

4. Go to "Contacts" in Pipeliner CRM.

Pipeliner CRM Access Contacts

5. Open the related contact for the Skype contact you are creating.

Pipeliner CRM Open Contact

6. Click on the "Skype" icon within the contact detail.

Pipeliner CRM Add Skype Profile

7. Enter the shortened url to the Skype profile, and save the update to this contact. Close the contact.

Pipeliner CRM Edit Skype URL

8. Click on it to call a customer using Skype.

Pipeliner CRM Initiate Skype Call on Desktop

9. Confirm the call within Skype.

Skype Call Initiated


This is how you can update all your contacts or accounts in order to initiate Skype calls to them through Pipeliner CRM.

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