MailChimp Integration with Pipeliner CRM

Do you need a powerful email marketing tool to enhance your lead generation strategy? We are happy to announce that we have partnered with SyncApps® by Cazoomi in order to integrate Pipeliner with MailChimp. SyncApps® by Cazoomi integrates MailChimp email marketing tools with Pipeliner CRM. The MailChimp App for Pipeliner CRM uses the SyncApps integration framework to connect both applications with each other, and enable them to work seamlessly together. Ready to get started? Integrate MailChimp email marketing tool with Pipeliner now:

What is MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing platform designed for any size of business. It lets you create exceptional email marketing and lead nurture campaigns, share them on social networks, manage subscribers and track results.

Integration Prerequisites Check-List:

Before you can integrate MailChimp, you need to have following accounts:

Integrate MailChimp with Pipeliner CRM

In order to start the integration MailChimp with Pipeliner CRM, please sign in to your SyncApps account first. After you sign in to SyncApps account you need to "create a sync profile" first. In order to that, click on the button “Create a New Sync Profile”, give your new sync profile a name and choose “Pipeliner to MailChimp Sync” from the drop-down menu.

Integration Setup

  1. Connect your Pipeliner CRM API user account Integrate MailChimp with Pipeliner CRM
  2. Enter the MailChimp API Key and configure sync master list. Using SyncApps by Cazoomi
  3. Enable or disable Sync Addons (optional) MailChimp App for Pipeliner Integration
  4. Map fields between MailChimp and Pipeliner. Here you can define the mapping direction. A one way direction enables you to sync and update data just from one system to another. Mapping Fields between MailChimp and Pipeliner
  5. Set a sync schedule. An interval or automatic synchronization between MailChimp and Pipeliner. Sync Interval for Pipeliner CRM Integration with MailChimp

After you successfully setup the integration, you can test it for a free for 14 days. If you experience any issues during syncing the data, please contact Cazoomi support.

MailChimp for Pipeliner Features Overview

Here you can find the most important features available within this integration:

  • Sync Pipeliner contacts or leads to MailChimp master list.
  • Custom field mapping between both systems.
  • Trigger MailChimp Auto-responders from Pipeliner CRM field updates.
  • Sync MailChimp campaign responses to Contact or Lead Notes in Pipeliner CRM.
  • Any contact or lead changes in Pipeliner CRM will always be synced to MailChimp.
  • Contact and lead data is synced from MailChimp only if the email address doesn't exist in Pipeliner at the time of syncing.

If you use MailChimp for lead nurturing and lead generation, then the integration with Pipeliner is right for you.

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