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With Pipeliner CRM you can customize your CRM to exactly fit your business needs. By introducing Pipeliner CRM Arithmetica, you can add the "Hints" description to your fields, create validation rules and now also the multi-select picklist. Learn how you can create and add multi-select picklist custom fields into your CRM forms:

What is the multi-select picklist?

A multi-select picklist enables you to create a custom field in the application in order to give users the chance to pick up  multiple options within one field. Here is the list of all the possibilities for creating this custom field.

  • Add a multi-select picklist into an account, contact, lead or opportunity form.
  • Make a multi-select picklist required.
  • Make a "specific number of options" required.
  • Add a multi-select picklist on the mobile.

How can you create a multi-select picklist?

In order to create a multi-select picklist of checkboxes, please follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click on your profile picture on the top-right part of the application. Pipeliner CRM Open Pipeliner Profile Picture
  3. Click on "Administration". Pipeliner CRM Open Pipeliner Admin
  4. Within the navigation menu of Pipeliner Admin, select "Fields and Forms". Pipeliner CRM Open Fields and Forms
  5. Pick the form you would like to edit, and add a picklist to it. In our case we will alter the contact form as we show you how to create a custom multi-select picklist for "Contact Types". Pipeliner CRM Open Contact Form
  6. Click "Edit Form". Pipeliner CRM Edit Contact Form
  7. Click "Create New Field". Pipeliner CRM Create Custom Field Contact Form
  8. From the available options, find "Multiple Checkbox". Pipeliner CRM Select Custom Multi-Select Picklist
  9. Give a name to, and create all the options within the picklist. Pipeliner CRM Define Multi-Select Picklist
  10. Drag and drop the field into the form. Pipeliner CRM Drag and Drop Multi-Select Picklist to Form
  11. Review the field settings. Pipeliner CRM Review Multi-Select Picklist Settings
  12. Click "save", and also save the form.
  13. Publish changes. Pipeliner CRM Publish Contact Customization

How can I use a multi-select picklist?

If you would like to use a recently created multi-select picklist, you need to open a contact.

  1. Run Pipeliner
  2. Sync the customization changes. Pipeliner CRM Sync Customization
  3. Click "Accts and Contacts". Pipeliner CRM Access Address Book
  4. Click "Contacts". Pipeliner CRM Access Contacts
  5. Click "Open" within the corresponding contact. Pipeliner CRM Open Contact
  6. Find your created field and fill it in. Pipeliner CRM Multi-select Picklist

Tip: You can add any custom field into a report in order to report on it. The same also applies also for a multi-select picklist: just add this field into the contact report and find out more about its values.


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