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In order to give users a better way to describe fields, we have built into Pipeliner CRM the ability to write field "hints". You can use these hints to guide your users when working with Pipeliner CRM. Or you can use them to better describe the fields, as you will see. 

In this article we'll show you how to add a field "hint" description on the Account Form:

Pipeliner CRM Custom Hints Description

In order to write the field hint description, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Administration" within your user account. Pipeliner CRM Open Pipeliner CRM Admin
  2. Click “Fields and Forms”. Pipeliner CRM Administration Fields and Forms
  3. Click "Accounts" and click "Edit Form". Pipeliner CRM Edit Account Form
  4. In this case, we will add a field description to the field "Account Classification".
  5. Click on "Modify Field Form Description". This option enables you to define the field description for this particular form. In case you are editing the opportunity form, you can define a dedicated field description for each sales opportunity type for the multiple pipelines feature. Pipeliner CRM Edit Account Class Field
  6. Enter the "Field Description". Pipeliner CRM Edit Field Description
  7. Save the Form and "Publish" the changes. Pipeliner CRM Publish Customization
  8. Sync Pipeliner.
    Pipeliner CRM Sync Pipeliner
  9. Open any account within your accounts and contacts list.Pipeliner CRM Open Sales Account
  10. And hover over the "?" mark to read your hint description. Pipeliner CRM Field Description Hint

In this way you can easily add many descriptions to the form that will assist you and your team in understand fields on the form.


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