Quick-Views in Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM Quick-Views is an informative toolbar showing you the most important data of a record—for example, an opportunity—after you mouse over the record in the Pipeliner CRM Pipeline View.

About Pipeliner CRM Quick-Views

You can use Quick-Views For the following records:

  • Opportunity
  • Lead
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Task
  • Appointment

Simply mouse over a record anyplace in Pipeliner CRM, and Pipeliner CRM shows you the most important information about that record.

Pipeliner CRM Quick-Views—Main Features

Pipeliner CRM Quick-Views can be customized to show other record information, and have many cool features:

  • Within "Account Settings" > "Quick-View" you can customize the information displayed on the extract, and for that particular record type.
  • Within any Quick-Views, you can directly access and click-through to the linked records.
  • From account and contact Quick-Views, you can directly call your accounts or contacts over Pipeliner CRM Mobile apps.
  • From account and contact Quick-Views, you can directly write email messages to your accounts or contacts.

How to Use Quick-Views Within Opportunity Compact View

Below we’ll show you how easy it is to use Quick-Views within the Opportunity Compact View. We’ll also show you that using Quick-Views within other views for different records is the same.

1. Run Pipeliner CRM

2. Go to "Opportunities". Pipeliner CRM Open Opportunities

3. Switch to "Compact" view. Pipeliner CRM Access Opportunities Compact View

4. Select an opportunity from the list.Pipeliner CRM Select Opportunity in Compact View

5. If you mouse over a linked contact, Pipeliner CRM will open its related Quick-View. Pipeliner CRM Quick-View on Contact

6. Without switching to that record, you can directly contact the selected contact within the opportunity Quick-View.

TIP: Mouse over a linked record anywhere in the application, and Pipeliner CRM will show you its related data.

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