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If you are Gmail user, you will love this post. After we introduced a new Pipeliner CRM MS Outlook Add-In for our Microsoft users, we also built an inbox app for our Google users. We are thrilled to announce the brand-new Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension for the Google Chrome Browser. It's a new way you can seamlessly work between your Gmail Inbox and Pipeliner CRM. In this blog post we will take a closer look at one of the most important features you need for your daily sales activities: calling. Specifically, the ability to call your customers over Gmail Extension.

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Meet the Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Here is a short intro video about brand-new Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension: Play in a new window.

How Calling over Gmail Extension Works

Let's call one of your customers over Gmail.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail Account. You need to have installed Pipeliner CRM Google Chrome Extension.
  2. You can find the Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension on the right side of your inbox. Sign into your Pipeliner CRM Account.
    Pipeliner CRM in Gmail Sign In
  3. Select a team space (if you have more than one) with which you would like to connect data. Pipeliner CRM Select A Space in Gmail
  4. Click on any email in your inbox that you have received from a customer. Pipeliner CRM Select Email in Gmail
  5. Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension will now relate data from Pipeliner CRM with the email sender. Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension Recognized Contact
  6. Click on the phone number to initiate a call on your mobile phone. Pipeliner CRM Gmail Click to Call
  7. Pipeliner will send this request to your mobile phone. Pipeliner CRM Gmail Extension Calling
  8. On your mobile phone, you should now see a notification of the outgoing call. Pipeliner uses iOS and Android notification systems to notify you of outgoing phone calls (below is an example of the iOS app notification). Pipeliner CRM Confirm Call on Mobile App
  9. Confirm the call on your mobile, and you are done!

Note: By using this feature, you are using your own cell phone service provider for calling your customers. TIP: You can use this feature almost everywhere throughout the Pipeliner CRM application, where you are able to access a phone number.

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