Navigator: Notifications in Pipeliner CRM

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Navigator draws upon all the different and complex data sources in the system to deliver proactive insights, advice and guidance to the sales professional in one visual, easily understood screen. One of those insights is Notifications.

About Pipeliner CRM Navigator

With its breakthrough Navigator functionality, Pipeliner CRM moves far beyond the standard concept of a CRM dashboard. We have brought more focused and innovative ways of bringing instant intelligence to to all users, no matter their function in the organization—intelligence that cuts out the noise for users, allowing them to easily navigate complexity and focus immediately, and in real-time, on what is most important.

With Pipeliner Automata and its central feature, Navigator, we are once again showing that if you approach complexity skillfully, you can extract insight, guidance and intelligence from it and then deliver those in a way that sales professionals can easily consume and use them. 

Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM

Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Navigator [Intro]

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Navigator: Notifications

Within the Notifications section are 4 different boxes:

  • Tasks
  • Missed Close Date
  • Velocity Issues
  • Largest Open Opportunity.

In order to access Pipeliner CRM Navigator, click Navigator within the main Pipeliner menu

Pipeliner CRM Access Navigator

#1: Tasks

“Tasks” displays the number of overdue tasks. Just click on the taskbar to open all your overdue tasks.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Notifications Tasks 

Tip: Tick a task as done from Navigator.

#2: Missed Close Date

“Missed Close Date” displays the number of your opportunities with missed close dates. The close date shown is the expected close date of the sales opportunity. It's defined by the sales rep when qualifying the sales lead into an opportunity. If you miss your expected close date, you should adjust it or close the opportunity as lost.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Notifications Overdue Opportunities

#3: Velocity Issues

“Velocity Issues” informs you of how many opportunities are past due in getting moved to the next sales step. With Pipeliner CRM, you can configure an expected sales step duration with your sales pipeline. "Sales step velocity" refers to the number of days each opportunity has in order to move through that particular sales step. Example: If your sales step velocity for step 1 is 10 days, your sales opportunity needs to be moved from this step to another within 10 days. If the opportunity stays in the step 1 for more than 10 days, it becomes overdue, which then makes it a Velocity Issue.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Notifications Velocity Issues 

#4: Largest Open Opportunity

“Largest Open Opportunity" shows you the largest current open opportunity.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Notifications Largest Open Opportunity 

When this opportunity is closed, the next largest opportunity shows up.

Navigator Profiles

As used within other parts of the application, you can use "Profiles" with Navigator as well. You can alter Navigator's profile with the way you need to see the records. Example: If you would like to see all overdue tasks of your team, just check the view option "show items on my sales units".

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Profiles

TIP: Save your Profiles for later reuse.


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