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The Suggestions section in Pipeliner CRM Navigator advises you of areas of action that should possibly be addressed, including New Leads, Stuck Opportunities, Inactive Leads, Inactive Accounts, Cold Accounts and more. Suggestions is there to guide and advise you to take proactive measures to improve your overall performance. It even suggests additional integrations that you can activate, such as external storage solutions like Box or Dropbox.

About Pipeliner Navigator

With its breakthrough Navigator functionality, Pipeliner CRM moves far beyond the standard concept of a CRM dashboard. We have brought more focused and innovative ways of bringing instant intelligence to to all users, no matter their function in the organization—intelligence that cuts out the noise for users, allowing them to easily navigate complexity and focus immediately, and in real-time, on what is most important.

With Pipeliner Automata and its central feature, Navigator, a sales professional or indeed any user of Pipeliner can start their day with the Navigator screen where they will immediately be shown where they need to focus and what they need to address. This is a huge step forward in efficiency, effectiveness and time management which will quickly translate into more time spent selling, and growing pipelines. - Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM

Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Navigator [Intro]

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Navigator: Suggestions

Here is the list of all suggestions you can find within Pipeliner CRM Navigator.

#1: Sales Activities Related Suggestions

Pipeliner CRM’s Sales Activities feature gives you the option to define what should be done in each step of your sales process. You can link sales activities to your leads and opportunities. Navigator's Suggestions will suggest that a lead or opportunity be moved to the next pipeline stage, if all of the activities related to it for its current pipeline stage have been checked off.

Ready to Qualify When you set up a specific set of activities to be done within the lead stage of your sales process, you can move a lead when all of these activities have been checked off. This suggestion helps you to understand which leads can be qualified and made a sales opportunity, according to the sales activities fulfilment.

Ready to Move This suggestion also relates to sales activities—those within opportunities. As you can do with leads, for each sales step in your pipeline, you can assign a different set of activities that must be fulfilled for an opportunity to be moved onto the next stage. If you finish all the activities within the corresponding step, you can move the opportunity to the next one.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Suggestion Sales Activities
Through this suggestion, you can see which of the opportunities in your pipeline can be moved.

#2: Accounts Related Suggestions

Real account management means being able to access all pertinent information for an account, both broad and detailed. In means being able to zero right in, and then out again, as needed. It means having a visual handle on all data so that it truly is instant intelligence, visualized. The main goal of suggestions related to the accounts is to show you the most valued customers according to the successful business you have conducted with  them—that is, the number of won opportunities. With CRM Navigator you can now see your accounts through a different perspective.

Cold Accounts Cold accounts are those which:

  • have ZERO open opportunities AND
  • have SOME closed (won or lost) opportunities which have dates the opportunities were last modified ranging from 30 days ago to 365 days ago, from today AND
  • are considered "successful." A successful account is an account with a success rate higher than 80% and more than 3 won opportunities. The success rate is calculated as ratio between won and lost opportunities of that account.

Inactive Accounts Inactive Accounts are those which:

  • haven't been contacted for at least two weeks AND
  • ARE considered as "successful" (as defined above).

Pipeliner CRM Software Navigator Cold Accounts

#3: Leads Related Suggestions

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization—or, in fact, any company. Without leads, there are no sales, and without sales, there is no revenue. Without revenue, of course, there is no company. With Pipeliner's Navigator you can visually see immediately the new and inactive leads you need to focus on.

New Leads New leads are those which have been created during last 5 days.Inactive Leads Inactive leads are those which have a creation date larger than twice the average number of days from creation to qualification, of all the qualified leads in the current space.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Suggestion Leads

#4: Opportunities Related Suggestions

Opportunity management is the primary mission of a CRM solution. Since its inception, Pipeliner CRM has been developed to empower opportunity management visually and intuitively. From its powerful Navigator feature Pipeliner makes opportunity management a regularly successful accomplishment.

Here you can review stuck opportunities. Stuck opportunities are those which have remained in the current step longer than 1.5x the average time for that step, based on all opportunities which have been in that step and have now moved on.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Suggestion Opportunities

#5: Apps Activation

This is a dedicated carousel for the applications you can activate within Pipeliner. If you have already activated an app, it's not visible in the carousel.

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Suggestion Apps 

If you would like to turn them off, just go to the "Account Settings" under "Preferences."Pipeliner CRM Navigator Suggestion Apps Settings

TIP: Take a look at all the apps you can connect to Pipeliner within Pipeliner CRM Apps Marketplace.


As used within other Pipeliner features, you can use Profiles with Navigator as well. Example: If you would like to see all overdue tasks for your team, just check the View option "Show items on my sales units."

Pipeliner CRM Navigator Profiles

TIP: Save your Profiles for later reuse.


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