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As many of you have might have noticed, in April 2016, we introduced two new Pipeliner CRM native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. We constantly add new features on both mobile and desktop platforms. With the Pipeliner CRM Collection release, we even bind together the desktop and mobile versions of Pipeliner CRM. Introducing Calling over Desktop App on Mobile Devices:

Must have checklist

  • You need to have the latest release of Pipeliner CRM.
    • Here is how you can check your current version (the current version is Pipeliner CRM Collection): Pipeliner CRM About Pipeliner
  • You need to have installed Pipeliner CRM Mobile App.
  • You need to have following Pipeliner CRM Tier version

How Calling over Desktop Works

So, you are now using the latest Pipeliner CRM version, you have installed Pipeliner CRM on your mobile and you have the product tier version that supports it. Let's call your customers over the desktop app.

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM on your desktop.
  2. Open "Contacts". Pipeliner CRM Access Business Contacts
  3. Select the "Compact" view. (Pipeliner enables you to use many different views on your data.) Pipeliner CRM Select Compact View
  4. Find a contact you would like to call. In our case, I'll be calling our CEO, Nikolaus Kimla. Pipeliner CRM Select Contact in Pipeliner CRM
  5. If you have this feature activated you should be able to see the phone number underlined. Click on the phone number.
    Pipeliner CRM Start Calling from Desktop
  6. Now, Pipeliner will send this request to your mobile phone. Pipeliner CRM Calling Notifications
  7. You should now see the notification of the outgoing call on your mobile phone. Pipeliner uses iOS and Android notification systems to notify you of outgoing phone calls. (below is the example of the Android app notification) Pipeliner CRM Confirm Call on Mobile App
  8. Confirm the call on your mobile and you are done!

Note: By using this feature, you are using your own calling service provider for calling your customers. TIP: You can use this feature almost everywhere throughout the Pipeliner CRM application, where you are able to access the phone number. 

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