Accounts Hierarchy: Accounts Relations

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With the release of Pipeliner CRM Collection we introduced the ability to associate two and more accounts to each other.

In this article we focus on understanding the relationship  between two accounts. Once you build the accounts hierarchy it is important to note what kind of relationship these two accounts have.

What is Accounts Hierarchy?

Accounts Hierarchy shows you accounts that are associated through a Parent Account in the org chart, giving you a global view of a company and its subsidiaries. Below you will find a brand-new Pipeliner video that provides the best explanation of Accounts Hierarchy in Pipeliner.

Screencast: Play in a new window.

There are 2 ways to manage account relations in Pipeliner: As an administrator (requiring admin privs) and as a user (managing account relations from the Pipeliner desktop). We will take up Admin first. If you are a user without admin privs, simply skip to the Desktop section below.

How to Manage Account Relations from Pipeliner CRM Admin

An accounts relation is a relationship between two accounts, in which you can define the statuses of both accounts. Here is how you can manage, create, edit or remove accounts relations within Pipeliner CRM Admin:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click on the "Profile" picture. Pipeliner CRM Profile Picture
  3. Click on the "Administration". (You need to have admin rights to access this setting) Pipeliner CRM Open Admin
  4. Click on the "Common Lists". Pipeliner CRM Open Custom Lists
  5. Click on "Accounts Relations". Pipeliner CRM Open Accounts Relations
  6. Here you can review default accounts relations created by your Pipeliner team. In order to create a new one click "Create". Pipeliner CRM Create New Accounts Relation
  7. Define a new accounts relation. In this case we will create a new accounts relation Headquarter - Subsidiary:  
    • Parent is {a relation of the parent to the child} of child. In our case it will be Headquarter.
    • Child is {a relation of the child to the parent} if parent. In our case it will be Subsidiary. Pipeliner CRM Create Accounts Relation
  8. Click create and after syncing Pipeliner CRM you will be able to use it.

How to Assign Accounts Relations within Pipeliner CRM Desktop

In order to use newly created accounts relations on your Pipeliner CRM desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click "Accounts". Pipeliner CRM Open Accounts
  3. Open any account where you would like to edit accounts relations. Pipeliner CRM Open Account
  4. Go to the "Org Chart". Pipeliner CRM Open Account Org Chart
  5. And now we would like to assign the "accounts relation" between 2 accounts--between a parent and a child. Open and child account by double-clicking on it. Pipeliner CRM Org Chart Open Account
  6. Find a "Parent Account" card (we will write more about parent accounts next week). Pipeliner CRM Org Chart Open Account
  7. Click on the account relation drop-down and select the one you just created. Pipeliner CRM Select Accounts Relation
  8. Go back to the Org Chart. Pipeliner CRM Go back to the Org Chart
  9. Here you can see the assigned accounts relation in a visual way. Pipeliner CRM Accounts Relations
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