Activities: How to Set Up Default Appointment Duration in Pipeliner CRM

  1. We know that as a sales rep you have to make a lot of calls in order to successfully get satisfied customers. Each call is to a different prospect, but many of them can have about the same duration. If you have allocated a fixed length of time for an average customer call, it helps to have this length of time easily configurable in CRM.

    When you start using Pipeliner CRM, the default appointment duration is set to 60 minutes—but you can customize it according to your average meeting time.

    The default appointment duration is a personal user-based setting. Each Pipeliner user can set their own default appointment duration.

    You can set up the following default appointment durations:

    • 15 Minutes

    • 30 Minutes

    • 60 Minutes

    • 90 Minutes

    • 120 Minutes

    You can set up a default appointment duration on the Pipeliner CRM Apps for iOS and Android as well. These settings are synced—a default appointment duration set on Pipeliner Mobile CRM will be synced with your desktop version.

    In order to set the default appointment duration please follow these steps:

1. Run Pipeliner CRM

2. Click on your profile image at the top right of the application.

Pipeliner CRM Access Profile

3. Click on "Account Settings". Pipeliner CRM Access Account Settings

4. Click on "Preferences".Pipeliner CRM Account Preferences

5. Scroll down to "Reminder and Calendar Settings". Pipeliner CRM Reminders Settings

6. Find "Default Appointment Duration" and set the duration you prefer to have when creating new appointments.
Pipeliner CRM Default Appointment Duration Setup

7. Click “Save” to store these settings.

How To Use a Default Duration

In order to start using default appointment duration, you need to first have this process set up on your Pipeliner CRM account (see steps above) and you need to create an appointment.

1. Go to "Activities".Pipeliner CRM Access Activities

2. Click on "Create New Activity". Pipeliner CRM Create New Activity

3. From "Activity Type" select "Appointment."
Pipeliner CRM Create New Appointment

4. You’ll see when you click on the appointment that the default duration has been set according to your preferences.Pipeliner CRM Appointment with Default Duration

The appointment duration is an interactive field. Any time you move the start date, the end date is automatically calculated according to your preferences.


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