Activities: How to Set Default Reminders for Tasks with Due Dates in Pipeliner CRM

With Pipeliner CRM we are demonstrating absolute continuity in optimizing the application, and in streamlining and supercharging sales activities throughout the world. In order to make your work even more efficient we are constantly focusing on making your work with activities as flexible and fast as possible. With this release of Pipeliner CRM, you can now set default reminders for tasks with due dates! Here is how:

How to Set Default Reminders for Tasks with Due Dates

In order to set a default reminder for a task with a due date, please follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click on your profile image at the top right of the application.Pipeliner CRM Access Profile
  3. Click on "Account Settings". Pipeliner CRM Access Account Settings
  4. Click on "Preferences". Pipeliner CRM Account Preferences
  5. Scroll down to "Reminder and Calendar Settings". Pipeliner CRM Reminders Settings
  6. Find "Default Task Reminder with Due Date" and set the time that you would like to be reminded about a task with a due date.
    • Due Dates on Tasks can be set on particular day. It means that when a due date on the task is, for example, Monday November 28, Pipeliner reminds you about that task at the time you select within this drop-down. If you select 8 AM, Pipeliner reminds you about the task at 8 AM on Monday, November 28.
    • The default reminder is different from the "manual" reminder you can set for a task. A default reminder is set up for a task and is transferable with it. If you transfer  the ownership of a task, the reminder will be moved with the task. Pipeliner will remind new owner of the task about it. On the other hand. if you set up a "manual" reminder, this reminder is not transferable.
    • The default reminder is set up by the user--it is not a company setup. Each user within Pipeliner can have different reminder times for tasks with due dates.
    • If you work across multiple time zones and you transfer  the ownership of a task with a default reminder, Pipeliner reminds the new user about the task according to his or her time zone. The reminder adjusts itself to the time zone of the user currently who owns the task. Pipeliner CRM Default Reminder for Tasks
  7. Click "Save" to store these settings.

How Do You Use a Default Reminder on Tasks with Due Dates?

In order to start using default reminders on tasks with due dates, you need to first have this process set up on your Pipeliner CRM account (see steps above) and you need to create a task with a due date as follows.

  1. Go to "Activities". Pipeliner CRM Access Activities
  2. Click on the "Create New Activity". Pipeliner CRM Create New Activity
  3. From the "Activity Type" select the activity type that is "Task" based--that is, it has a due date. Pipeliner CRM Select Activity Type
  4. Define a task subject and description, and assign to a due date to the task. Pipeliner CRM Assign Due Date for Task
  5. After assigning a due date to this task, Pipeliner CRM automatically sets up a reminder for it.
  6. Pipeliner CRM Default Reminder Tasks

TIP: You can do very similar setup for appointments as well. Just set up "Default Reminder for Appointments" within your account settings.

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