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Here at Pipeliner we believe that pictures tell stories. We're building the most visual CRM for salespeople. With the latest release of Pipeliner, we bring you a better way to organize and manage your tasks. Introducing the Task Board:

About the Pipeliner CRM Task Board

Pipeliner CRM enables you to track your sales Activities. Currently, you are able to use three ways to visualize Activities:

  • List View - This view enables you to list ALL types of sales Activities.
  • Calendar View - This view enables you to view Appointment-based sales Activities (i.e., those with a start and end date).
  • Task Board View - This view enables you to view Task-based sales Activities (i.e., those with a due date).

You can easily switch among these three views by clicking the "View" button on the top right side of the Activities screen: Pipeliner CRM Activities Views Switch The new visual Task Board is available for you under "Tasks" view.

Visual Task Board

The visual Task Board displays your Tasks according to their individual statuses in the status columns. Each column represents a status assigned to the Task. Pipeliner CRM enables you to set the following statuses for Tasks:

  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Waiting
  • Completed
  • Deferred

Please note that these columns cannot be customized. (This is due to the strictures of some of our integrations, e.g. Pipeliner CRM Google Tasks integration or Pipeliner CRM MS Office Integration. Give them a try.)

Video Walk-through: How to Use the Task Board Feature:

Screen-cast: Play in a new window.

How to Change the Task Board Card View

With Pipeliner CRM Task Board you can also change the way you see the information on your Task Board cards.

  1. Open Activities. Pipeliner CRM Access Activities
  2. Click on "View" and change the view to "Tasks." Pipeliner CRM Switch to Task Board
  3. Click on "View Settings." Pipeliner CRM Open Task Board View Settings
  4. Configure the way you would like to sort Task Cards and what information you would like to have displayed. Pipeliner CRM Customize Task Card View

Tip: You can also filter the data displayed on the Task Board by clicking the Options button.


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