Using automatic task scheduling in Pipeliner CRM

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When the sales opportunity is moved from one step to the next in your Sales Pipeline, necessary sales activities will be suggested. It’s totally automatic: Salespeople will know exactly what to do and when to do it, so activities and tasks are never forgotten. Learn more about how to setup Pipeliner CRM automatic task scheduling:

About Automatic Task Scheduling

With Pipeliner CRM you can now create tasks automatically, that are suggested as salespeople move an opportunity into the next stage of your sales pipeline. What can you do?

  • Tasks are suggested automatically as you move an opportunity from one stage to another.
  • Edit these tasks or save them, and have reminders and due dates set automatically.
  • Set your own tasks to be suggested for each stage.

Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Automatic Tasks Scheduling [Intro]

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Pipeliner CRM Automatic Task Scheduling: Application

In this blog we show you how auto-scheduled tasks work within Pipeliner CRM. In order to auto-schedule tasks, you need to first configure them. So if you do not have them configured, read how to configure automatic tasks first. Once you have your tasks configured, follow these steps in order to auto-schedule them.

  1. Run Pipeliner
  2. Go the "Pipeline". Pipeliner CRM Access Deals Pipeline
  3. Pick an opportunity you would like to move. Drag and drop it into the next stage in your sales pipeline. Pipeliner CRM Drag and Drop Sales Opportunity
  4. Pipeliner will suggest you to create your tasks according to the template made in the Pipeliner Admin. Tip: You can edit the task here before moving the sales opportunity to the next step of your sales process, or even de-select the task in order to not auto-schedule it. Pipeliner CRM Auto Schedule Tasks
  5. Hit "Save" and all tasks will be auto-scheduled for you.
  6. Open the opportunity you have just moved in the pipeline. Pipeliner CRM Open Sales Opportunity
  7. Go to the "Activities" list and you will see the tasks that have been scheduled. Tip: On the right, you can see the tasks you need to accomplish within the corresponding sales step of a sales pipeline. The auto-scheduled tasks are already available. Pipeliner CRM Open Sales Opportunity Activities
  8. Here you can find the auto-scheduled task within Pipeliner CRM Task Board. Pipeliner CRM Automatic Task Scheduling in Task Boards

The activities can be edited with dates and times, or they can simply be saved. If they are just saved, the salesperson can open the opportunity, go to Activities, and see that Pipeliner has automatically scheduled the tasks with the appropriate due dates and reminders.


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