Custom Opportunity Forms per Pipeline

A CRM solution is only as good as its flexibility. This is also important for the data forms within the CRM software—no two companies are going to use the same fields, the same arrangement of fields, or even the same field names. Moreover, if your business requires to follow more than one sales process, you most likely need to manage multiple sales pipelines views. With Pipeliner CRM you can now customize opportunity form for each sales process you need. Learn more now:

About Pipeliner CRM Template Designer

With the Pipeliner CRM Template Designer, you can pick a form design, easily drag and drop fields, set up columns, name and customize fields, and perform other necessary functions to make Pipeliner CRM your company-specific CRM solution. It doesn’t require an admin or software engineer, either—anyone can do it.

How to Create a Custom Opportunity Form for a Sales Pipeline

#1: Define Your Multiple Sales Processes

In order to create a custom opportunity form in Pipeliner CRM you need to understand the concept of Multiple Sales Pipeline first. One sales pipeline represents a one single sales process within your business. Each sales process consists of different opportunity form i.e. you need to fill a different information into the opportunity form. Thus, in order to create a different custom opportunity form you need to first create a second pipeline!

#2: Using Custom Opportunity Forms for the Specific Sales Processes

In order to customize the opportunity form for your sales process follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM
  2. Click on the "Administration". Pipeliner CRM Access Administration
  3. Click on the "Fields and Forms". Pipeliner CRM Open Fields and Forms
  4. Click on the "Opportunities". Pipeliner CRM Access Custom Opportunity Forms
  5. On the left part of the screen, you can find the list of your sales pipelines. Click on the pipeline name in the list in order to access its related opportunity form (in our case "Customer Success"). Pipeliner CRM Open Other Pipeline
  6. Click "Edit Form". Pipeliner CRM Customize Opportunity Form
  7. Here you can see the opportunity form that is displayed within the Pipeliner CRM application. You can use the following features on this screen:
    • #1: Reuse Existing Form - You can reuse existing form with its fields from the different pipeline. This is very handy when your multiple sales processes have many fields in common.
    • #2: Add New Custom Fields - Just through this window you can add new fields into your form.
    • #3: Add Elements - An element is part of your form where all you fields are nested. You can create "Group Titles" to visually divide your form into logical parts consisting of its related fields.
    • #4: Add Web Resources - A web resource field is a field that enables you to load external web-based part within the Pipeliner CRM application e.g. Google Maps.
    • #5: Drag and Drop - Use standard Pipeliner CRM function drag and drop to arrange all your fields on your opportunity form. Pipeliner CRM Edit Custom Opportunity Form

Pipeliner CRM Template designer auto-saves your changes on the server. However, you need to publish your changes in order to make it available to all your members on the desktop. Pipeliner CRM Publish Custom Opportunities Forms After you publish your sales custom opportunity forms, all your sales people will be able to use them within Pipeliner CRM desktop version. Below you can find a short intro video about the Pipeliner Template designer:

Customise Your CRM to Fit Your Business. [Video Tutorial]

Screencast: Play in a new window.


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