About Feeds in Pipeliner CRM

You can learn about feeds in Pipeliner CRM from the video below and the content on this page.

Screen-cast: Play in a new window.

Pipeliner gathers all internal and external messages within one spot, called a Feed. Within Pipeliner you can find two types of Feeds:

  • General Feed - which is located under "Activities" within the Pipeliner main navigation menu. Here you can find ALL messages in a one place (except social media updates that are related to the contacts and accounts)
  • Entity Feed - which is located within each entity in Pipeliner (the entities are Lead, Opportunity, Account and Contact). Here you can find messages related to a specific entity in Pipeliner. Moreover, if you connect your social media channels (such as Twitter), you can track and react to all contact or account related social media updates as well from the Feed.

How to Write and Share a Message

You can post a message and share it with your sales team within “Activities.”

  1. Click on “Feeds” within the main Pipeliner Menu.
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. Click on "Shares" and define with whom you would like to share this message.
  4. Click the “Post “ button to post a message.

Pipeliner CRM Write a Feed Message

Ask your team Pipeliner administrator to set a default sales unit to your Pipeliner user account. When this is done, the default sales unit will be automatically preselected for sharing. Example: See the screenshot above. France is preselected when composing a new message.

How to Comment on a Message

You can comment on a message that you have already posted or is shared with you within “Activities.”

1. Click on “Feeds” within the main Pipeliner Menu.

2. Search for the particular message you want to comment on.

3. Click on “Comments”.

4. Write a comment and hit Enter.

Pipeliner CRM Write a Comment to Feed Message

Tip: You can add more team members to this message by clicking the "Shares" option. You can attach a file to this message as well.


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