Running Reports for Won Opportunities NOT in Archive

Pipeliner CRM enables you to track won opportunities within the sales pipeline. The unique benefit of Pipeliner CRM is that you can close the opportunity as won, and still leave it in the last pipeline step, if there are any further sales activities needed prior moving the won opportunity to the Archive. If needed, you can run a report on those opportunities--that is, have a report showing you all won opportunities that have not been yet archived and need further sales activities.

How to run a report on won opportunities not yet archived

In Pipeliner CRM, an opportunity can be displayed in one of the following ways:

  • Open - The sales opportunity sits in the pipeline process, and is moved by sales actions and activities into the next steps of the sales process.
  • Lost - The sales opportunity does not go through the remainder of the sales process--that is, the potential customer did not decide to purchase your product and the opportunity never made it to the last step of your process. In this case it is normally moved to the Archive.
  • Won - The sales opportunity becomes a real business value--you earn another happy customer.

    It might be that you need to finish couple of after sales activities, in which case you can leave the opportunity in the Won step.

    If you believe you have done everything that is needed,  you can move the opportunity to the Pipeliner Archive.

    Even though you can see all opportunities within the Won step on your pipeline, sometimes you need to run a report on them. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Run Pipeliner
  2. Click "Reports" › Select "Management Reports". Pipeliner CRM Access Management Reports
  3. Click "Create New" › Select "Report". Pipeliner CRM Create New Report
  4. Give the report a name, and select the “Opportunity” report typePipeliner CRM New Report Properties
  5. Click on "Report Settings".Pipeliner CRM Open Report Settings
  6. Under "Display Columns" click on the "Choose" button. Pipeliner CRM Choose Column to Display
  7. Remove all available columns to clean up the report.Pipeliner CRM Report Cleanup
  8. Add the columns you prefer to have in the report, plus "Is Archive" and "Opportunity Status". Click "Save." Pipeliner CRM generates a report for all opportunities you have access to, according to the "Role" settings within the report settings. Pipeliner CRM Assign Columns to Report
  9. Now, you can limit the report to show only those opportunities that are won and not archived. Go to the filter. Pipeliner CRM Open Filter
  10. Turn on the filter. Pipeliner CRM Turn on Filter on Report
  11. Switch to the "Custom" filter.Pipeliner CRM Switch to Custom Filter
  12. Click "Add Field". Pipeliner CRM Add Fields to Custom Filter
  13. Find "Is Archived" and add it to the filter. Pipeliner CRM Add Is Archived Field to Filter
  14. Change the default settings to "Is Archived" "No".Pipeliner CRM Filter is Archived no
  15. Add another filter condition for "Opportunity Status" as we did for the "Is Archived". Set up the filter status to be "Won."Pipeliner CRM Filter Report by Opportunity Status
  16. Here is the report showing you the won opportunities that have not been yet archived. Pipeliner CRM Report on Not Archived Won Opportunities

Tip: Alter the Filter or Role settings according to your preferences to see the exact reports you prefer.


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