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With the latest update of Pipeliner CRM, you can sync your MS Outlook tasks using Pipeliner CRM MS Exchange Integration.

Here’s how it works:

A Must-Have Checklist

In order to use MS Exchange Integration to sync your MS Outlook tasks between Pipeliner CRM and Outlook, you must have:

  • Online cloud version of MS Exchange Server
  • MS Outlook Version connected to that MS Exchange Server
  • Latest Pipeliner CRM Version

How to Activate Sync of MS Outlook Tasks in Pipeliner CRM

In order to activate the sync of tasks between MS Outlook (over MS Exchange) with Pipeliner, you need to go to your Pipeliner CRM Accounts settings.

  1. Click on your Profile Picture. Pipeliner CRM Access Profile
  2. Click on "Account Settings". Pipeliner CRM Open Account Settings
  3. Go to "Apps".
    Pipeliner CRM Open Apps Settings
  4. Scroll Down to the section "Tasks and Calendar".
  5. Click "Activate" Microsoft Exchange Tasks.
  6. Enter your MS Exchange account details (you can also enter details for your Office 365 account or account) Pipeliner CRM MS Exchange Settings
  7. Define the sync settings
    • Sync Type
      • Bi-directional Sync (Exchange <--> Pipeliner)
      • Uni-directional Sync (Exchange --> Pipeliner)
      • Uni-directional Sync (Exchange <-- Pipeliner)
  8. Click "Save" to create a connection and start syncing tasks between Outlook and Pipeliner.

How to Sync MS Outlook Tasks with Pipeliner CRM

Once you have set up the integration between MS Exchange and Pipeliner CRM, you can sync your own data between these two services.

Pipeliner CRM creates a dedicated folder within your Outlook:
In order to get your tasks from Outlook to Pipeliner CRM, simply copy or move those tasks to that dedicated folder.

Other Pipeliner CRM to Outlook Sync Features & Tips

  • E-mail notification when the changes on tasks have been made.
  • The integration itself enables you to sync all tasks to which you have an access per your company settings.
  • Only the default tasks fields from Outlook are being synced to Pipeliner CRM and vice versa.
  • Unlimited tasks sync.

If you use Microsoft for your business, then the integration with Pipeliner is right for you.

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