Illumineto Spark Integration with Pipeliner CRM

Illumineto Spark enables you to create a Spark Page where you can create highly curated and personalized webpage to share information with your prospect. It's a prospecting tool that is now directly integrated with Pipeliner CRM.

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What is Illumineto Spark

Illumineto provides a cloud-based sales acceleration and engagement solution to drive increased revenue for an organization by making its sales professionals more efficient, effective and persuasive in their engagements with prospects.

You engage the prospects through the interactive Spark Page. You can share the Spark Page with your prospect and collaborate on it. Every engagement such as email opening, page viewing or content reviewing can be now logged in Pipeliner CRM as an activity.

With the Illumineto Spark integration with Pipeliner CRM you can share a Spark page over email or over direct link with your prospect and get the prospect's engagements as the activities linked to the contact, account, lead or opportunity in Pipeliner CRM.

Illumineto Spark Pipeliner CRM

Prospecting Tool

  • Create Spark Page
  • Share Spark Page
  • Engage with Prospects.

Sales Tracking Tool

  • Track the prospect engagement as the dedicated Spark Activity Type.
  • Link spark activities to the Contacts, Accounts, Leads or Opportunities.

Illumineto Spark Integration with Pipeliner CRM Prerequisites

Integration Prerequisites Check-List: Before you can integrate Illumineto Spark, you need to have following accounts:

About Illumineto Spark Integration with Pipeliner CRMIllumineto-Spark-Integration-with-Pipeliner-CRM.jpgScreencast: Play in a new window.


How to Connect Illumineto Spark with Pipeliner CRM

In order to connect Illumineto Spark with Pipeliner CRM follow these steps:

  1. After you successfully sign in to your Illumineto Spark account, click on the "Settings" icon.|
  2. Here you can see the list of Integrations you can use and connect with Illumineto Spark. Scroll a bit and click on "Add" button under Pipeliner logo.
  3. Enter Pipeliner CRM API Keys. Here you can find Pipeliner CRM API Keys.
  4. After successful connection, Illumineto Spark asks you to setup initial information about the integration.

Initial integration information:

  • Log all activities to a contact - This enables you to log every activity use performs on the shared Spark Page as a an activity into Pipeliner CRM
  • Link activity type - You can use default Illumineto Spark Activity to differentiate the activities performed within Spark or you can map your already existing activity with the Illumineto activity type.
  • Select user - Here you can select who will be the owner of the activity in Pipeliner CRM.

The last step is the optional step where you can review the Spark Notifications you can get into Pipeliner CRM.


For more information see the steps below.

How to Setup the Spark Notifications in Pipeliner CRM

The main benefit of using Illumineto Spark connected to Pipeliner CRM is getting the notifications out of the activities done by prospects. You can setup various notifications in Illumineto Spark. Let check it now:

  1. In order to access the Notifications, click on the "Settings" icon.
  2. Click on the "Notifications".
  3. Here you can find added "Pipeliner" column and all the options you can setup to get notified in Pipeliner CRM.

Types of Spark Notifications

  • All Spark Page chat messages between you and your prospect - If you enable this option, you will get all the messages you and your prospect do as an activities in Pipeliner CRM to it's related contact.
  • Page (viewed, shared, etc.) - Once you share the Spark page with your prospect, the system is tracking its engagements and send this information to Pipeliner CRM.
  • Email (opened) - If you send an email to your prospect with the link to the Spark Page, you can get a notification that the prospect opened the email.
  • Content (viewed) - If you send an email to your prospect with the link to the Spark Page, you can get a notification that the prospect opened the content within the email i.e. when through to the Spark Page.

Once you configured the notifications settings. You can start using Illumineto Spark connected to Pipeliner CRM.Example: The integration will match the contact email address with the contact's email address in Pipeliner CRM and link the activities (user engagement) with that contact. You will get all the notifications into Contact's related "Feed".

How to Link a Spark Page with a Pipeliner CRM Opportunity

The core of the Illumineto Spark is sharing a Spark Page with your prospects. On the example below, we use templates that are offered by Illumineto out-of-the-box for you to use. These templates help you to better understand what you can do with Illumineto Spark. Read more about Illumineto Spark Pages.

Please note that all prospect's interactions are being logged to it's Contact activities already. However, if you would like to even link Spark Page with the Pipeliner CRM opportunity, you can do it following way:

  1. Go to the "Pages".
  2. Click on one of your Spark Page.
  3. Click on the "Settings".
  4. Find Pipeliner and click into the text area.
  5. Find the opportunity or account you would like to link the page with and hit select.

After this configuration any engagement done by your prospect on this particular spark page will be automatically logged into Pipeliner CRM under this opportunity.

Example: If you link the Spark Page with the opportunity in Pipeliner CRM. You will get all the user engagement as a feed activity update:

and as an activity into the "Activities" list:

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