Office Pipeliner Add-On installation error - Microsoft VSTO - Visual C++ failed to install

When installing the Office Add-On, you might occasionally run into a problem with VSTO installation error or the installation fails/freezes.

See the screenshot below:

Before installing the Add-in make sure that you are an Administrator of your local Windows PC.

If you are not an Administrator and you are not able to install programs, you will not be able to install the Add-in - Speak with your IT department in this case.




If the installation fails and you are an Administrator, we recommend you to uninstall the existing Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Run-time as highlighted below together with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 and x86. 




When successfully removed, install the run-time manually from the following link Microsoft Tools.

Once the installation of the MS Tools is finished, re-run our Office Pipeliner Add-in installation.

If the issue persist contact Microsoft support directly.

We do not support this issue as it relates to Microsoft products and not Pipeliner.

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