Pipeliner install use MSI package Silent Install

Note: The MSI is for IT Administrators to install Pipeliner only. If you'd like to install Pipeliner on your own Windows machine download and install the application from our website.

Installer types

  1. Exe package https://download.pipelinersales.com/PipelinerSetup.exe
  2. MSI package https://download.pipelinersales.com/PipelinerSetup.msi

Without office add-in

Pipeliner.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn
Pipeliner.msi /qn Productlanguage=1031
With office addin (Full)
Pipeliner.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn ADDLOCAL=All
Pipeliner.msi /qn Productlanguage=1031 ADDLOCAL=All
or remove
Pipeliner.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn REMOVE=All
Pipeliner.msi /qn Productlanguage=1031 REMOVE=All
Only office addin
Pipeliner.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn ADDLOCAL=OfficeAddin
Pipeliner.msi /qn Productlanguage=1031 ADDLOCAL=OfficeAddin
or remove
Pipeliner.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn REMOVE=OfficeAddin
Pipeliner.msi /qn Productlanguage=1031 REMOVE=OfficeAddin

For All users

Pipeliner.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn ALLUSERS=1
Pipeliner.msi /qn Productlanguage=1031 ALLUSERS=1


  • (!) ALLUSERS=1 ADDLOCAL=OfficeAddin does not install office addin for all users
  • (warning) Office Addin Install fails is one of Ms office application is opened


Addin elevated installation

runas /user:desktop-l1vk5mh\administrator "d:\temp\pstools\psexec -e -i -u DESKTOP-L1VK5MH\test -p test d:\downloads\PipelinerSetup.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn ADDLOCAL=OfficeAddin /L d:\e.log"

*1033 is language id (English in this case) other languages are based on the code https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc287874(v=office.12).aspx


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