How do I add labels to my opportunities?

What are labels?

There are three labels available in Pipeliner CRM: focus, hot, and stalled. The green "focus" symbol is shaped like a target and indicates which opportunities you want your salespeople to focus on. The red "hot" symbol is shaped like a flame and indicates which opportunities are likely to close sooner. The blue "stalled" symbol is shaped like a pause and indicates which opportunities are delayed in your pipeliner. These labels are a great way for you to visualize the opportunities in your pipeline at a glance.

How do I add a label from the pipeliner view?

  1.  Click on Opportunities from the Navigation bar
  2. Open the Power Panel
  3. Click Show Labels on the Lead/Opportunity Card and click Save
  4. Now select you can click on an opportunity card and select a label 

How do I had a label from within an Opportunity?

  1. Click on or search for an opportunity
  2. Click on one of the labels 



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