IP Addresses Pipeliner uses to download/synchronize Data

We use several IP's for service

  1. STATIC IP - Our application generally doesn't have an IP range but a set of assigned IP's.
  2. GEO IP - Some of the IP's are Geo Balanced which means IP is different based on load and location of the request
  3. CDN IP: We implementing CDN for faster serving of static content therefore some services used CDN IP. Current list of CDN services please refer here (service CLOUDFRONT)

Here are the host-names which are referenced when using Pipeliner.

  1. api.pipelinersales.com - GEO IP
  2. versioning.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  3. download.pipelinersales.com - CDN IP
  4. cdn.pipelinersales.com - CDN IP
  5. static-webapps.pipelinersales.com - CDN IP
  6. us-east-2.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  7. us-east-3.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  8. us.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  9. eu-central-1.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  10. eu-central.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  11. eu-central.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  12. us-east.pipelinersales.com - STATIC IP
  13. workspace.pipelinersales.com - GEO IP
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