Setting up a currency exchange rate

In our Pipeliner CRM you may also set up a currency exchange rate if your business involves multiple currencies.

Here is how you may do so: 

1. Open your profile and go to the administration


2. In the administration section, go to the Currency section and click on the Create button under Currencies section


3. Here you may select the currency (symbol will be assigned automatically), Date from which the exchange rate is valid (if Exchange Rates List does not exist) and the exchange rate.


Please note that the exchange rate works towards the base currency. For example, if the base currency is USD, the exchange rate for EUR will be 0.85. However if the base currency will be EUR, the exchange rate for USD will be 1.17

4. You may also create a multiple new exchange rates with different exchange rates for the future


5. Once the exchange rates list is created, please run manual synchronization. Then the option to select from multiple currencies will be shown.


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