Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 email with Pipeliner CRM (Cloud)

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These instructions are the same for both systems - Microsoft Exchange On Premises as well as O365.

If you are not sure what kind of system (email solution) your company uses, check with your IT department. 

If your company uses Microsoft Exchange on Premises, please check with your IT department if IMAP is enabled on your on-premises server. 

All of our integrations use IMAP to communicate so unless your server is IMAP enabled you won't be able to activate these integrations.

O365 is IMAP enabled automatically therefore no extra configuration needed.

Make sure you use one email (same email) for all the integrations.

How does it work?

You can send and receive emails from your accounts and contacts in Pipeliner CRM.

  • When you send an email to or receive an email from a contact, the email will be copied to Pipeliner and will be visible in the Feeds tab within its related contact. The email address of the contact has to be same as the one saved in Pipeliner!
  • Note that each user who will be emailing to or from the contact has to be either the Owner of the contact in Pipeliner or has to be added to the contact as an Editor (by individual user name rather than group/unit)
  • All emails are accessible in the "Feeds" section of the account/contact and are displayed in chronological order. This way you can track the email communication directly in the Pipeliner.
  • Allow at least 5 minutes for emails to appear in the "Feeds". Incoming email copies appear in Pipeliner after they are transferred from your local email client via the cloud server and during synchronization of Pipeliner. Do not forget to sync Pipeliner in order to see emails.

Configuring your IMAP Email Account:

  1. Click on the "User" in the upper right corner.
  2. Select "Account Settings".
  3. Choose "Apps" from the menu.
  4. Click on "Activate" button above Microsoft Exchange Integration.





Fill in required information as follows:

Username - Enter your entire email address, e.g. In my case ( - Make sure you use this email address for all the integrations.
Password - Enter password of your email account. 
Mail Server - Mail Server - Enter your Exchange/O365 IMAP server, e.g. In my example, it is an Office365 server address. The Exchange on-premise server will be different and you will need to get the address of the server from your IT personnel.
Port Number - Port Number - Default port is 993 for Office365 but may be different for Exchange on-premise
Use SSL encrypted connection - Make sure the SSL is checked for Office365 but check with your IT team for Exchange on-premise. 
Use SSL encrypted connection - Make sure the SSL is checked.

  1. Press Next. You will be notified, if Pipeliner has been able to configure your email.
  2. Check, if correct folders has been selected for your Inbox and Outbox and choose, if you want to associate your emails with contacts and/or accounts. If you will do so, you will be able to track the email copies in the related contact or account feed.
  3. Save your account settings.

How to set-up your folders:


  • Select the folder in which you receive emails by clicking on the Browse button next to Inbox.
    We recommend you use your main inbox folder instead of one of your sub-folders in order to make sure that all emails related to your Accounts and Contacts synchronize to Pipeliner.
    If you select a sub-folder, please check its settings to make sure, that all of the emails related to your Pipeliner Accounts and Contacts will be stored in this folder. Emails stored outside this folder will not be available in Pipeliner


  • Select the folder in which outgoing emails are stored by clicking on the Browse button next to the Outbox.  This is usually Sent Items for Outlook users.

Once done, click Finish and you are all set. The email will start syncing from the point of activation. Please note the email function is not retrospective.




Microsoft Exchange contacts/ Office 365 contact:

As previously mentioned, we do not differentiate between Exchange vs O365. To us they are both the same so please, when integrating your contacts, use the email you have previously used in the email activation.

See below in my screenshots: 

I use my email address: for all the integrations.




Synchronization settings:

Sync type: Use Bi-Directional sync Exchange (Exchange<-->Pipeliner)

Delete Protection: Never delete contacts in Pipeliner.

Click Save and Pipeliner will create new folder in your Outlook contact where all your contact from Pipeliner will be synced to.

If you want to share your Outlook contacts with Pipeliner, just drag and drop needed contacts to the Pipeliner folder in your Outlook and these will come across to Pipeliner in minutes.





Microsoft Exchange Appointments:


This is the same setup as twice before.

Same email address in use as in previous steps. In my case and my email password.

Click save and Pipeliner will create a new calendar in your Outlook. All appointments created in PL will be synced to your Pipeliner Calendar in Outlook. See my screenshots below.







Microsoft Exchange Tasks:

Same applies to tasks. Same email address and password used as in previous examples.






Once you click save, Pipeliner will create a new folder with Tasks in your Outlook/Tasks. Same as with Contacts, Calendar, Appointments.




Once all integrations are active, you will see them ''Activated'' as in the screenshot below.

Please note, ADVANCED SETTINGS are to be used by IT departments only. If you do not know what the settings are please do not enable or change anything in the ADVANCE SETTINGS




Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions - Contact Us


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