Dynamic Sales Activities

Tier: Enterprise

Availability: Universals Release

This is a complete guide to help you understand setting up Dynamic Sales Activities in Pipeliner CRM. The following article includes:

  • Adding custom fields to an activity type.
  • Adding the activity type as a sales activity into the lead/opportunity stage.
  • Accessing the activity type within a sales activities checklist within the lead.
  • Reporting on the custom fields of the activity type.

#1: Create Custom Activity Types with Custom Fields

Each task or appointment can be now customized according to your business needs. With the custom fields you can track any information a user needs to note during sales activities.

In order to create a new custom activity type you need:

  • Admin Rights
  • A Pipeliner CRM Enterprise License
  • Pipeliner CRM version 13 Universals

To create a new activity go to Administration > Custom Fields and Forms > Tasks or Appointments


When you edit one activity type by clicking the “Edit” icon, you can customize its form:


You can add any field type you need to be shown on the task form. In this case, we will focus on the SDR call. During this call we need to capture details to help identify the success rate and qualification of the lead for the sales team.

We created two custom fields:

  • Response (This will help you to tell how many calls you need to connect)
  • Spoken
  • Voice Message
  • Checklist of Questions (this is a list of qualification questions that the SDR needs to have answered prior to qualifying the lead for the sales team).

Once configured we can add this activity to the activity checklist.

#2: Add Custom Activity Types to the Sales Process

Once you customize the activities you can link them to sales activities within the sales process, including the lead step.

To add a custom activity to the sales activities checklist go to Administration > Pipeline > Edit Pipeline


Click on “Sales Activities”.

Select the option “Add custom activity type” and link “SDR Call” to the lead step.

Once done, you will be able to see this custom activity linked to the lead step. it means that every time you start working on a lead you will see what activities needs to be performed prior qualifying the lead as an opportunity.

#3: Use a Custom Activity in Pipeliner CRM

You can now find the created custom activity “SDR Call” within each lead in the sales activities checklist.


Click on the task labelled “SDR Call” to view the fields you have added.


When you mark the task as complete, you can see that this task has been accomplished within the lead detail.


Following these steps, you can assign any activity type to the sales activities checklist for leads and opportunities based on the step on pipeline.

#4: Report on Any Field on Activity

You are able to create a report on all custom fields you create in the system, including activities.

Just add the custom fields to reports:


In this example, you are able to see how many successful calls the SDRs made over a specific time period.

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