Email tracking with Google Chrome Extension

With our new version of Pipeliner we have introduced a feature where you can track sent emails.

In order to be able to track emails you have to follow a few rules:

  • User (You) has to be signed in to Google Chrome Extension and has to make sure that the Google Chrome Extension is up to date.
  • Please see this article on how to enable the extension first.

Keep in mind the following aspects that may affect email tracking:

  • Email has to be in HTML format.
  • If the receiving person forwards the email, the tracking feature is forwarded as well.
  • Each person that opens the forwarded email(s) count as having seen the original email sent by Pipeliner user.
  • Some email providers (e.g. Google) automatically open received emails on their servers.
  • This trigger notifications that the receiving person has seen the email, even though that did not yet happen.
  • If the receiving person opens the email in the same browser/email client and IP address as the email sender has (common in corporate environments), then this view is not registered.
  • If Pipeliner user opens their own email on a different browser/email client or computer (e.g. on their mobile device), then this counts as if the email was seen by the receiving person.

To track emails, please follow the steps below:

1. Compose a new email.



2.) Click the blue/grey Pipeliner tracking symbol at the bottom of the composed message.


3.) When pressed, the symbol changes colour to blue and orange. Hover-over the symbol and the Pipeliner tracking symbol will notify you, the tracking has been enabled.




4.) Send the message.


5.) The Sent message will appear in your Sent items and once the recipient read your message the Pipeliner tracking symbol notifies you again, that your message has been read. See below





6.) View the notification of the read email.



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