How can I cancel Pipeliner User License?

You can cancel Pipeliner User License within the "Pipeliner Admin Portal".

Cancel Pipeliner user license

  1. Open your favorite web-browser and go to "Pipeliner Admin Portal": Customer Portal
  2. Click on "Details" to manage your subscription.
  3. Click on "Licenses" and "Cancel License(s)" to start the downgrade process.
  4. Enter the number of Pipeliner user licenses you need to cancel and click "Continue".
  5. Review the license count of licenses you wish to cancel and click on "Proceed to Cancellation".
  6. Review your billing information and edit it, if necessary.
  7. Read "General Terms and Conditions" and click "Confirm Cancellation".
Please note, that you can cancel only Unassigned licenses. To free up licenses you need to deactivate users first.
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