Email Notification Reports

Pipeliner CRM enables you to receive a periodical email reports of your sales pipeline health to your inbox. Learn here how to manage these email notifications over Pipeliner. Email reports are delivered to your email address you use to sign in to Pipeliner CRM. The report itself contains data related to your opportunities with the comparison in for a specific time period.

How to Setup Email Report

To enable email reports please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Profile in the upper right corner and select Account settings.
  2. Select Email Reports from the menu.
  3. Configure the report according to your preferences and click on Save.

How can I configure the report


Email me following report

Stats related to my opportunities - Report will include opportunities assigned to your account
Stats related to opportunities of my sales units - Report will include Opportunities assigned to all of the sales units you are member of.
Compare results for the following time period - You can specify the time-frame which will be covered in the Report.
Email Preferences
You can select how often and on which day of the week will be the report generated and sent to your email.

Please note, that you cannot add more fields to the report. If you need more detailed report, please use Opportunity report in the Management reports instead.
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