Auto-Populate MS Excel Templates with any field within Pipeliner CRM - Outlook Add-On (Installable)

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Pipeliner Template Builder included in Pipeliner Office Add-In enables you to auto-populate MS Excel Document Templates with any field within Pipeliner CRM in order to generate e.g. a sales proposal, quote or pro forma invoice per click of the button.

Pipeliner Template Builder allows you to map any field from Pipeliner to your Word or Excel template. MS Excel document templates can be attached to any sales leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts.

You need to have Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 with Pipeliner Office Add-In installed. Please note, that older Office versions nor online Office 365 are not supported.

Create Template in Excel

  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click on the Pipeliner ribbon. If you don't see Pipeliner ribbon, please click here.
  3. Click on Show fields button from within the ribbon.
  4. Drag and Drop the fields from the list, to the desired place in document. 

Attach Template to Pipeliner

  1. Run Pipeliner.
  2. Open Pipeline view and search for the sales step you want to attach document to.
  3. Click on Documents button in the sales step.
  4. Select Attach Document and choose Upload.
  5. Browse for the document and click Open to attach it to the sales step.

Use Template in Pipeliner

  1. Double click on Opportunity, Lead, Account or Contact to open detailed view.
  2. Select Documents tab.
  3. Click on Sales Step Documents and search for your template.
  4. Click Open to Execute template builder.
  5. Excel template will open with auto-populated fields from Opportunity, Lead, Account or Contact.
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