How can I create an Opportunity without an Account or a Contact?

Creating Opportunity in Pipeliner CRM requires linking it with an Account and a Contact first. If your sales process doesn't require Accounts or Contacts, you may disable this in the Pipeliner CRM Administration.

How can I mark an Account or a Contact field ''optional''

  1. Click on your Profile and select Administration.
  2. Select Custom Fields and Forms from the main administration menu.
  3. Choose Opportunity.
  4. Click on Pencil button next to the field to edit it. 
  5. Search for Account or Contact card and click on Gear wheel button.
  6. Select Edit Field Options.
  7. Un-check Mark this field as required option and save.
  8. Publish Changes and Synchronize Pipeliner.

Accounts or Contacts fields will be still visible in the Opportunity form, therefore you will be able to use them for some Opportunities if required.

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