How can I filter the tasks?

Pipeliner CRM Filter is very powerful. You can use the filter with one of two approaches:

  • Preset Filter - A preset filter enables you to quickly filter your data according to the most used field in your records: "due date for task."
  • Custom Filter - A custom filter enables you to filter your data according to any field in the record, and also to utilize special conditions to really narrow down the results on the screen.

You can use the Pipeliner CRM Filter on almost all CRM features throughout the application, and now including the Activities Screen or Activities Reports!

How to Use Custom Filter to Filter Activities

On the example below, we show you how to use custom filter for activities to filter out the tasks according to priority:

  1. Run Latest Pipeliner CRM Software (Here is how to upgrade to the latest Pipeliner CRM Version)
  2. Click on "Activities". Pipeliner CRM Access Activities
  3. Here we will be using the Task Board View. Pipeliner CRM Task Board View
  4. Click on the Pipeliner CRM Power Panel. Pipeliner CRM Open Activities Power Panel
  5. Click on the "Filter". Pipeliner CRM Open Activities Filter
  6. Turn on the Filter in order to set it up. Pipeliner CRM Turn On Activities Filter
  7. By default, you are able to use Preset Filter. In order to access Custom filter, click "Custom". Pipeliner CRM Open Activities Custom Filter
  8. Click "Add Field". Pipeliner CRM Add Task Field to Custom Filter
  9. Search for "Priority" in the search box. Pipeliner CRM Search Task Priority Field Custom Filter
  10. Check the "Priority" box and click "Add". Pipeliner CRM Add Priority Field Filter
  11. From the levels of priority dropdown list, select the "High" option. Pipeliner CRM Filter Activities By High Priority
  12. And Pipeliner CRM filters only tasks with high priority. Pipeliner CRM View Only Tasks with High Priority

Do not forget to save this filter as a profile within the Power Panel for future use.


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