Standard Reports in Pipeliner CRM

You can run a specific report within the "Management Reports".

How to Create a Report

  1. Go to "Reports" and click on "Management Reports".
  2. Click on the Arrow on the left side of the screen and select from the list or create a New Report. 
  3. When creating new report, please fill in Report name, that will be shown in the list of available reports and other required data. Please note, that you can modify any existing report or create a copy of it by following instructions "How to Configure Report" below.

How to Configure Report

  1. Go to "Reports" and click on "Management Reports".
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the application screen click on "Report Settings".
  3. Configure the "Settings" according to your preferences and Pipeliner will generate for your the report, on-the-fly!
  4. If you want to save changes as a different report instead of overwriting current one select Copy instead of Save when prompted.
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