How to Qualify a Lead to an Opportunity

It’s just common sense: The better a lead is qualified, the higher the chances of bringing it in as a closed sale.

What is the Difference between a Lead and an Opportunity?

A sales Lead is a contact or an account with very little information. It could be as basic as a person who you met at a conference. You will need to research more information about this lead in order to qualify it to an opportunity in your sales pipeline. An old sales rule says: “If you have never contacted your contact, it’s a lead.” A sales opportunity (deal) is a contact that has been qualified. This person is part of your buying cycle and is committed to working with you. You have already contacted, called, or met with them and know their needs or requirements.

Think about the difference between a lead and an opportunity as an evolving process—each lead needs to be qualified to become an opportunity. There will always be plenty of leads in your sales territory, but only a percentage of them will qualify to become real sales opportunities.

Qualifying Leads Into Opportunities in Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM enables you to easily visualise the completed overview of your sales pipeline with the leads step. In order to qualify the lead into an opportunity, just drag and drop the lead from its step into the first sales step of the pipeline.

  1. Run Pipeliner and click the “Pipeline” icon.
  2. Open the lead stage by clicking the arrow icon.

Pipeliner CRM Open Lead Sales Step

3. Drag and drop the Lead from the “Leads” stage to the first sales step of your sales pipeline.

Pipeliner CRM Drag and Drop Lead to Pipeline

4. Configure your new opportunity according to your preferences and click the “save” button.

Pipeliner CRM Qualify Sales Lead to Winning Opportunity

Tip: Please note that you can easily qualify a sales lead from within its detail view.

Pipeliner CRM Qualify Sales Lead


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