Understanding Pipeliner CRM Synchronization

Synchronization is the main and the most important feature in Pipeliner. It enables you to collaborate with your team, immediately through the online server. Synchronizing your Pipeliner enables you and your team to more effectively collaborate, improving everyone´s chance of success. Clicking on the synchronize button opens a synchronize dialogue box, which enables you to update your pipeline changes to each others´ pipelines so you can always stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

What is synchronization?

The synchronization of your local pipeline is a special bi-directional process, which sends your local sales pipeline data to the online team server data. As well, the online team server sends its data back to you.

We recommend you to keep automatic synchronization enabled. While enabled, any changes will be saved to the online server and made available to your all sales pipeline team members.

How can I synchronize my data?

You can choose between manual and automatic synchronization. Manual synchronization will synchronize Pipeliner only on your request while Automatic synchronization will synchronize all changes you and other users in your Sales space make immediately.

Automatic Synchronization

To turn Automatic Synchronization on please click on synchronization icon in the top left corner and enable Synchronize Automatically option. If Automatic Synchronization is turned on, Airplane icon will change to circular arrow icon.

Please note, that it is still possible to manually synchronize when necessary.

When changes will be pending on the active screen, green arrow will appear. This means, that it is necessary to refresh active screen in order to see updates done by other users. You can do that by synchronizing manually or by opening different screen (e.g. go from Pipeline to Leads and back).


Manual Synchronization

In order to synchronize manually please click on the "Synchronize" button within the Pipeliner top menu.

You need to have an access to the internet, in order to sync data into the Pipeliner secured cloud environment.


Q: Can I sign in to Pipeliner CRM when being offline (no internet connectivity)? A: No. During the sign out process Pipeliner CRM removes all local data from your computer (security issue). Therefore, you need to download the database again during signing in (initial synchronization). It means thatduring initial sync user needs to be connected to the internet. We recommend to all our users only using close action and not to sign out from the Pipeliner CRM.

Synchronization error

If you receive any data synchronize error message during the synchronization process, please visit our troubleshooting page to learn how to solve this issue.

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