Understanding Pipeliner CRM Synchronization

Understanding Pipeliner CRM Synchronization

In Pipeliner, synchronization is the operation that synchronizes your desktop and cloud versions of Pipeliner CRM. It enables you to collaborate with your team and other users through the online server.

What is synchronization?

The synchronization of your local pipeline is a special bidirectional process, which sends your local sales pipeline data to the online team server. As well, the online team server sends updated data back to you.

We recommend you to keep automatic synchronization enabled. While enabled, any changes will be saved to the online server and made available to all of your sales pipeline team members

How to synchronize data?

You can choose either manual or automatic synchronization. Manual synchronization will synchronize Pipeliner only when requested, while automatic synchronization will synchronize all changes you and other users in your sales space make immediately.

Forced Synchronization

In Pipeliner version 12.2.4, we added forced synchronization when a user signs out. Once you click on the Sync and Sign Out button, you will be synchronized and then disconnected from the account. We have added this feature to prevent data loss when signing out from Pipeliner.




Automatic Synchronization

To turn Automatic Synchronization on, please click on the synchronization icon in the top left corner and enable the “Synchronize Automatically” option (see screenshot below). When Automatic Synchronization is enabled, the “Airplane” icon will change to a circular arrow icon.

Please note: With Automatic Synchronization enabled, it is still possible to manually synchronize when necessary. 



When changes are pending for the screen you are viewing, a green arrow will appear (see screenshot below). This means that it is necessary to refresh the active screen in order to see changes made by other users. You can refresh your active screen by synchronizing manually (see instructions below). 


Manual Synchronization

In order to synchronize manually, please click on the "Synchronize" button within the Pipeliner top menu (see screenshot below).




For either synchronization method to be used, you need to have internet access.

How to Work Offline

Note that you cannot sign in to Pipeliner CRM when you are offline During the sign out process Pipeliner CRM removes all local data from your computer (security issue). To sign in, the user needs to be connected to the internet so that the database can be downloaded once again.

For that reason we recommend to all users to only close Pipeliner when not in use, and not to sign out. You can then continue to use Pipeliner in offline mode, and sync with the cloud version when you are once again connected to the internet.

Synchronization error

If you receive a data synchronize error message during the synchronization process, please visit our troubleshooting page to learn how to solve this issue.

For either synchronization method to be used, you need to have internet access.



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