Notes Management in Pipeliner CRM

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Notes are text files that can be attached to any Entity—an opportunity, a lead, an account or contact—or your Dashboard in Pipeliner. They can contain private information related to the Entity or general information on your Dashboard.

All Entity notes can be shared based on the Entity sharing preferences. General notes are private only. If you want to share general notes with other Pipeliner users, please use Feeds  instead. Learn more about Feeds.

How To Create a Note

  1. Click on “Notes” in the Entity detail, and select “Add Note.” Alternatively you can mouse over an Entity and select “Create Note” from the menu.
  2. Add the note to the text field. It will be saved automatically.
  3. You can view all notes related to the Entity by opening the Notes tab in the Entity detail. You can mouse over an Entity to show notes in the Pipeline or Address Book.
  4. You can use Drag & Drop to move or resize a note in the Pipeline or Address book.

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