Setting up and using sales activities check-list in Pipeliner CRM

Executing the right sales activities at the right time is the hallmark of successful sales teams. With the latest Pipeliner CRM Software release, Pipeliner keeps salespeople focused and on task. You now have an optional way to augment each Sales Stage in your Pipeline with our new feature -- a Checklist of Sales Activities (To-Do’s) that reps complete in order to move a sales Opportunity from one Sales Stage to the next.

Why Use the Sales Activities Checklists?

Pipeliner CRM Software lets you track all your sales Opportunities visually and interactively. Our sales Pipeline is comprised of Sales Stages -- a path salespeople follow to take a prospect through from Lead to close and beyond. Our sales Activities Checklist augments these individual Sales Stages with a list of sales Activities that salespeople should complete as they move through the Stages.

How to Use the Sales Activities Checklist

Screencast: Play in a new window.

How to Create Sales Activities for Your Sales Stages

To create a sales Activities Checklist for a particular Sales Stage within the sales Pipeline:

  1. Click on your user name in the top right corner of the application and click “Administration.” (You need to have admin rights to access this link.) Pipeliner CRM Access Administration
  2. Click on “Sales Space." Pipeliner CRM Admin Open Sales Space
  3. Select “Sales Pipelines.” Here you can edit all sales processes. You can see either one Pipeline View or a Multiple Pipelines View. Pipeliner CRM Admin Open Sales Pipelines
  4. Because we use Multiple Pipelines, we need to click on the edit icon for one we want to edit. Pipeliner CRM Admin Edit Pipeline
  5. Click on "Create Sales Activities" (or "Edit Sales Activities") in order to configure the sales Activities Checklist for the individual Sales Stage in the Pipeline. Pipeliner CRM Create Sales Activities Checklist
  6. Click "Add Sales Activity." You can use three types of sales Activities in the Checklist:
    • Checkbox - A simple Activity that is checked off when completed.
    • Activity Type - A customized Activity type (e.g. call, appointment or Task). You can link these Activity types to the sales Activities Checklist. If a user finishes this Activity via the Task Board, the Activity is automatically checked as complete.
    • Field from Form - An Opportunity form with customized Fields. You can link these Fields to the sales Activities Checklist. If a user fills in the Field, this sales Activity is automatically checked as complete. Pipeliner CRM Add Sales Activity to Step
  7. Add sales Activities for the first Sales Stage in your Pipeline. Pipeliner CRM Added Sales Activities to Checklist

Once done, you will be notified by Pipeliner CRM that manual sync is needed in order to see the changes in Pipeliner CRM. Sync Pipeliner manually and you should be able to see the sales Activity Checklist in the Opportunity form on the right.

How to Use a Checklist with an Opportunity

  1. Go to "Pipeline." Pipeliner CRM Access Sales Pipeline
  2. Double-click on an Opportunity to open it. Pipeliner CRM Open Sales Opportunity
  3. In the details View you'll see the "Sales Activities Checklist" box on the right side. Pipeliner CRM Sales Activities Checklist

You can follow the sales Activities defined by the sales manager. Click on the Activity to mark it as completed, fill in the missing information in the Fields, or complete Activities defined by your team. These sales Activity Checklists motivate you to move sales along efficiently.


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