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Pipeliner allows you to connect all of the Contacts and represent their position within company (Account) structure.

First, you need to understand the difference between the org Chart and the buying Center:

The Buying Center

  • Non-Hierarchical Layout
  • Assign Sales Role
  • Influence Links

The Org Chart

  • Hierarchical layout
  • Ability to assign an Account Position (Role)
  • Designate Subordinate and Assistant

How does it work

You can map Contacts to create a organization chart for every Account in Pipeliner CRM.

  • Organization Chart is a Hierarchical Layout not a relationship chart. You can map Contacts that are part of Account hierarchy. Each Contact can be assigned under specific Contact and can have additional sub-ordinates & assistants.
  • Contacts added to the Organization Chart will be automatically added to Account's Contact screen. Removing Contact from Contacts screen will remove it also from Organization Chart and vice versa.
  • Organization Chart is specific for every Account, you can set completely independent Organization Chart for every Account.

Pipeliner CRM Specific Org Chart features:

  • Automatically include all Contacts associated with the selected Account.
  • Designate Contact’s position (role) inside the organization.*
  • Add an easy-to-absorb visual representation of the organizational structure of any Account.
  • Add up to 2 Assistants for any Contact.
  • Add Notes for any Contact.

*A person’s “Contact Position” describes their role in a specific Account or Company (i.e., how they are placed within the organizational structure of the company). This way you can identify directors, managers and their subordinates or assistants very easily.

Configuring Organization Chart

How can I add Contact

  1. Select Organization Chart within Account detail view.
  2. Select Parent Contact, otherwise Contact will be added under Account directly.
    Click on Add Contact button.
  3. Search for Contact you want to add or create a new one.
    Click on the Select button to add selected Contact to the Organization Chart.
  4. Contact will be automatically assigned to selected Contact or Account.

How to reassign Contact

  1. Select Organization Chart within Account detail view.
  2. Select Contact you want to reassign and click on gear wheel button.
  3. Click on Reassign option.
  4. Select new parent for the Contact.
  5. Deasociate contact. This will leave the contact in the Org Chart, but without any association.

How to change Contact role within Company

  1. Select Organization Chart within Account detail view.
  2. Select Contact you want to change and click on arrow on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select Assistant or Subordinate from the menu to change the role. Please note, that Assistant cannot have any subordinates and therefore you cannot modify Contact role if it has any subordinates assigned.

How can I add Comments

  1. Select Organization Chart within Account detail view.
  2. Select Contact you want to change and click on arrow on the right side of the screen.
  3. Enter your comment in the Comments section of the menu. Please note, that comments are visible only in the Organization chart and are not shared with the Account detail view.


  1. Can I add Contacts related to different Account? Yes, these will be automatically linked with the Account afterwards.
  2. Can I share Organization chart with different Account? No, every Account has its own Organization chart. You can however use Organization chart in Opportunity Buying Center.
  3. What is the difference between Deasociate and Remove? Removing Contact will remove it from both Org chart and Account. Deasociate will remove the Contact from the Org chart only keeping it linked with the Account itself.
If you will have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
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