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Since the beginning, efficient sales performance management has been a primary purpose of CRM. Unfortunately, many CRMs failed to provide a clear, rapid view into overall sales team or individual sales rep performance, or comparisons among team members. With the latest release of Pipeliner CRM, we have greatly simplified and yet made far more powerful this aspect of sales management.

About Performance Insights

Performance Insights enables you to get clear and rapid view into overall sales team or individual sales rep performance by using pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) within user-defined time period.

Traditional CRM solutions were designed as data repositories but without the means to present that data in any useable format for Sales Managers and indeed salespeople. This is why Pipeliner is revolutionary in that it takes that data and presents it visually so that Sales Managers can instantly see key performance indicators and use this business intelligence to coach, manage, and mentor their teams more effectively. - Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM

Introducing Pipeliner CRM's Performance Insights [Intro]

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Performance Insights: My Results Screen

My results screen within performance insights enables you to track and review your own personal results.

#1: My Results Screen: FAQs

Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can I track? With Pipeliner CRM's Performance Insights you can track following KPIs:

  • Creations
    • Number of created sales opportunities and leads.
    • Number of created accounts.
  • Conversions
    • Number of converted sales leads into the opportunities.
    • Number of converted sales opportunities into the won businesses i.e. opportunities.
  • Losts
    • Number of lost sales leads.
    • Number of lost sales opportunities.
  • Won Amount - A cumulative value of won opportunities.
  • Lost Amount - A cumulative value of lost opportunities.

Who can see My Results screen?

  • Every user of Pipeliner CRM.
  • In a case that you are single user (i.e. you use only one Pipeliner CRM license) you are able to use ONLY this screen as the other two screens compares members of a team.

How does My Results screen work?

  • My results screen captures and calculates its data based on the user-defined time period and pre-defined performance insights.
  • My results screen captures and calculates the changes according to the owner/unit of the entity at the time that the process change has been applied.
  • My results screen is updated over secured cloud, thus you need to be connected to the internet in order to recalculate its data.

#2: My Results Screen: Use Cases

How can I change time period with My Results screen?

In order to change time period within my results screen follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM.
  2. Click "Insights". Pipeliner CRM Access Insights
  3. Click on the "Time Period Chooser". Pipeliner CRM Open Date Chooser
  4. Here you can choose between multiple intervals according to which the data is calculated:
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Year
    • Custom

Pipeliner CRM Open Date Chooser Options This way you can analyze your own sales performance within that period of time.

How can I activate a KPI on the History Trend chart?

Within Performance Insights you can analyze your performance over the time in the History Trend Chart. In order to activate a KPI on the history trend chart follow these steps:

  1. Run Pipeliner CRM.
  2. Click "Insights".
  3. On the very top of the screen you can see KPIs, click on the "Chart" icon in order to activate it on the history trend chart. Pipeliner CRM Activate KPI on the Chart
  4. Scroll down and mouse over the line to see the details within corresponding time period. Pipeliner CRM Review KPIs in History Trends

This way you can activate multiple KPIs and compare your history trends between each other.

What are My Results screen "Highlights"?

On the very bottom of the My Results screen you can find Highlights. My Results Highlights captures your own statistics as a user of Pipeliner CRM from the beginning of your Pipeliner CRM usage. Here you can find following highlights:

  • Total Number of Created Leads
  • Total Won Amount of Sales Opportunities
  • Total Won Count of Sales Opportunities
  • Total Number of Completed Activities
  • Best Won Sales Opportunity Ever

Pipeliner CRM Performance Insights My Results Highlights


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