Getting Started with Pipeliner CRM for New Users

  • Welcome aboard! We are thrilled that you have chosen Pipeliner CRM as your CRM Assistant.

    Below you will find on-boarding videos that are designed to assist you in implementing and getting Pipeliner up and running in your company in hours, instead of days or weeks.

    Read our User Guide

    In the Getting Started User Guide you will learn:

    • How to sign up, create a Pipeliner account and invite your co-workers
    • How to set up your Pipeline
    • How to create your first opportunity within Pipeliner

    Click here to download

    Getting to know Pipeliner CRM Basics: Record Types

    Before we get started, you need to understand the basic terminology of Pipeliner CRM. Here is a short video explaining Pipeliner CRM Records:

    Understand Administration and Setup

    In the Administration & Setup User Guide you will learn:

    • How to define user roles and rights, and invite your colleagues into your sales space
    • How to create a sales unit (or territory) and add users into this unit
    • How to configure your sales pipeline(s) and add sales steps
    • How to create custom fields and add them to the forms
    • How to customize common lists such as Account Industries

    Click here to download

    More Questions? Talk to our training team.
    To get one and one time with our training team, please contact your account manager, or click here

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