Getting Started with Pipeliner CRM for New Users

Welcome aboard! We are thrilled that you have chosen Pipeliner CRM as your CRM Assistant.

Find below on-boarding videos that are designed of most basic informations to implement and get Pipeliner going in your company in hours, instead of days or weeks.

Getting to know Pipeliner CRM Record Types

Before we get started, we need to be sure you understand the basic terminology in Pipeliner CRM. Here is a short video explaining Pipeliner CRM Records:

Screencast: Play in a new window.

Pipeliner CRM Onboarding Videos for New Users

Please follow the steps below to get started with Pipeliner CRM.

  1. Installing Pipeliner CRM and Importing your Data
  2. Pipeliner CRM Setup (only for admins)
  3. Understanding Contacts and Accounts
  4. Understanding Leads and Opportunities
  5. Managing Activities
  6. Reporting

You can access the whole Pipeliner CRM Onboarding for New Users.

Next Steps

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