Pipeliner can't be opened because it is from unidentified developer (Mac OS 10.8/10.9)

By default, Mac OS 10.8 / 10.9 only allows users to install or run applications from 'verified sources'. Sometimes, when you install Pipeliner, you might encounter an error saying'Pipeliner can't be opened because it is from unidentified developer'. As a result, you may be unable to install Pipeliner CRM. Learn how to install Pipeliner CRM on your Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9:

Change Your System Preferences

  1. Open the System Preferences by clicking Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click on the Security & Privacy
  3. Go to the General section tab and click the icon labeled "Click the lock to make changes".
  4. Enter your username and password and click Unlock.
  5. Under the section Allow applications downloaded from: select Anywhere. On the prompt that appears, click Allow From Anywhere.
  6. Exit System Preferences by clicking the red button in the upper left of the window.

Manually allow Pipeliner to launch

  1. Hold down the control key while clicking once on Pipeliner icon. Dropdown menu will appear
  2. Select Open from the dropdown menu. New window will appear
  3. Click Open in that window to launch the application. This is one time only action, after doing so, you will be able to launch Pipeliner as usually.'
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