Connect LinkedIn to Pipeliner CRM [Discontinued]

We unfortunately have to discontinue to support Pipeliner CRM LinkedIn Integration:

LinkedIn Corporation changed their API (Application Programming Interface) access policy. This policy change means that Pipeliner CRM (and many other software applications) need to alter our software to compensate.

Previously, Pipeliner CRM was able to access public information from the LinkedIn API, such as LinkedIn records, and use that data to deliver information — just as we do with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many more CRM apps. This access will not exist going forward.


We anticipate adjusting the Pipeliner CRM user interface because it will no longer accommodate LinkedIn icons and status updates. From this point forward, access to LinkedIn status updates and connection requests are only available within the LinkedIn website.

Our Thoughts:

We are disappointed with this policy change, as from our perspective, we were respecting the data integrity and promoting LinkedIn usage from within our application. Sadly, doing business in the manner approved by LinkedIn for years was little guarantee of reciprocity, as LinkedIn moves to consolidate its customer data within a “walled garden.” As you’ve come to expect from Pipeliner CRM, we will move quickly to mitigate any inconvenience caused by this policy change. You should also expect expanded Contact record enhancements as we move forward. We will, of course, keep you informed each step of the way. - Nikolaus Kimla, CEO Pipeliner CRM

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