Facebook to Pipeliner CRM integration

We're sure you're aware of the recent controversy regarding Facebook and data privacy.

As a result of this, Facebook released an update to their API on April 4, 2018 and have discontinued support for the "Search Users" function.

Unfortunately, this has impacted the Facebook integration in Pipeliner and you will no longer be able to search for users through the Facebook integration nor see any Facebook messages in your Feeds.

If you try to activate the Facebook integration in Pipeliner, you will receive an error:

You are not logged in, please login and try again.

The error comes from Facebook and means that their API is no longer active.

For more information about the Facebook press release, visit the link below:


We sincerely apologise to customers who use the Facebook integration but these changes are completely outside of Pipeliner's control.

We're currently investigating to see what options, if any, are available for us to use to replace the previous integration and will keep you informed.

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