Connect Twitter to Pipeliner CRM

Your complete view of prospects within Pipeliner CRM just got even more robust. Now, data autofills into your Pipeliner CRM system from social channels -- starting with Twitter. Any prospect search can now be completed inside Pipeliner CRM and the resulting profile information (including location and biographical data) is slotted right in, meaning fewer clicks for you! Learn more now:

About Our Twitter Integration

Twitter is one of the best social channels for learning about your customers and prospects. The Twitter Integration with Pipeliner CRM enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Search for your prospects' Twitter accounts.
  • Follow your prospects on Twitter.
  • View your prospects' Twitter profiles.
  • Retweet your prospects' updates via Pipeliner CRM.
  • Favorite a tweet inside Pipeliner CRM.
  • and now also Twitter autofill data to Pipeliner CRM based on the prospect Twitter account!

Map any Twitter profile inside Pipeliner CRM, automagically. Then watch Twitter feeds appear across Contacts and Accounts within Pipeliner CRM.

How to Connect Pipeliner CRM with Your Twitter Account

You can activate the Twitter integration within the “Account Settings."

  1. Click on the “User” and select “Account Settings” from the dropdown menu. Pipeliner CRM v7.0 Account Settings
  2. Click on “Apps." Pipeliner CRM Apps Settings
  3. Find Twitter App and click “Activate." Pipeliner CRM How To Activate Twitter Account
  4. Enter your login information and authorize Pipeliner.

Once connected, you can easily interact with your Contacts and Accounts via Twitter in Pipeliner CRM.

How to Autofill Data from Twitter to My Prospect

In order to autofill the data into your Contact in Pipeliner CRM from Twitter, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a Contact that you would like to update with the information from Twitter. Pipeliner CRM Open Contact in CRM
  2. Click on the Twitter icon and connect your Contact's Twitter profile to Pipeliner CRM. Pipeliner CRM Connect Twitter Profile
  3. Pipeliner CRM will autofill available data from Twitter into this Contact record. Pipeliner CRM Twitter Auto-Fill CRM Data

Twitter autofill feature saves you a lot of time when entering data into Pipeliner CRM.

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