Intelligent field: Web Resources in Pipeliner CRM

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Web resource field allows you to add remote content to the Pipeliner (e.g. attach a Google map to the Contact) or share Pipeliner content to the web.

How can I create a web resource field?

  1. Click on the „User“ and select Administration.
  2. Choose Fields & Forms from the menu.
  3. Select the entity which form you want to edit.
  4. Browse for Web resources and click on +Create button.
  5. Enter required data as follows: Name – is the name of the field. You can enter any name you like. URL – Enter the URL, that will retrieve required content. You can add data from the Entity fields by pressing #. Please check {{#Tags}} below. Method – Get method downloads web content (e.g. Google map coordinates) while Post method pushes the data to the web (e.g. fills in web form). Enable Fullscreen Mode – Displays the content in the full screen in web browser. Available only for the Get method. Do not show URL content – Check, if the Web resource result may be empty (e.g. missing address for Google maps). Field will be shown only in case any data is available.
  6. Save the resource.
  7. Add it to the form. Please click here for instructions.

# Tags

You can easily add existing fields to the link by pressing the # button. This will show a drop-down list with the list of available fields. You can then add any field into the link by clicking on its name. If you need to use # sign in the link, just press it twice. This will add the sign # into the link instead of selecting fields from the drop-down list.

Difference between Get and Post Method

You can create two types of fields by selecting the Method.

  • Get method – is used for downloading external content, e.g. Google maps location
  • Post method – is used for uploading content of the field to the external website, e.g. to fill web-form.

Configuration Example

Please check following configuration example for Google maps. It will show location of the Account.

  1. Name – give the field a simple, easily recognizable name, e.g. Google Map.
  2. URL – search, how you can create web links for the service (e.g. „Google maps link syntax“). Enter the link without parameters and add the desired parameters using # as mentioned above. To enter full address we are using fields City, Address and Country.
  3. Select method – as you want to download external content into Pipeliner, correct Method is Get.
  4. Enable Fullscreen mode – this will allow users to open and browse the map in the browser.
  5. Do not show URL – map will not be shown, if no address has been entered. If you not check this option, Pipeliner may display the error message or incorrect map location.
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