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Pipeliner enables you to create custom auto-calculated field using standard math operations within the calculation formula i.e. AND, OR, IF, NOT or ISEMPTY. Here you can learn how to create auto-calculated field in Pipeliner CRM:

How can I create auto-calculated field

  1. Click on User in the upper right corner and select Administration.
  2. Click on Custom fields and forms.
  3. Select the entity to which you want to add the field.
  4. In the fields section click on the +Create button.
  5. Select field type, that can be auto-calculated and name the field.
  6. Create a Calculation formula.
  7. You can select between Basic and Advanced mode.

Basic Calculation Mode

  1. Select Fields you want to use in calculation from the list of available fields.
  2. Create formula using Calculator provided. You can use numpad on your keyboard instead.
  3. Add the field to the form, publish the form and Synchronize.

Advanced Calculation Mode

  1. You can use Add Field and Add Function buttons and mathematical functions. Please see "Which operations can be used" below.
  2. To add field please press "#" symbol and start typing the field name. You will be able to select the field from the drop-down list.
  3. Add the field to the form, publish the form and Synchronize.

Which operations can be used?

Functions Syntax Description
AND AND(logical_expression1, logical_expression2) Both of the expressions must be TRUE.
IF IF(logical_expression, value_if_true, value_if_false) One expressions must be TRUE while other must be FALSE
OR OR(logical_expression1, logical_expression2) At least one of the expressions must be TRUE
NOT NOT(logical_expression) Expression must be FALSE
ISEMPTY ISEMPTY(field) Returns TRUE, if the field doesn’t contain any data
ROUND ROUND(value, places) Rounds a number to a certain number of decimal places.
Operands Syntax Description
= (equals) = (logical_expression) Field has the same value.
!= (is -t) != (logical_expression) Field has different value.
< (less) < (logical_expression) Field value is less than.
> (more) > (logical_expression) Field value is bigger than.
<= (less or equals) <= (logical_expression) Field value is less than or equals to.
>= (equals or more) >= (logical_expression) Field value equals to or is bigger than.
+ - * / logical_expression1 + logical_expression2 Standard mathematical operations with the fields and expressions
"(" and ")" logical_expression * (logical_expression2 + logical_expression3)

Sets the priority of the Operations








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