How can I create a recurring opportunity?

A recurring opportunity is an opportunity, that is recreated with the same details within a specified time pattern. This allows you to automatically create the new opportunity in your sales pipeline without configuring it again, e.g. license renewal after one year.

Set Opportunity Recurrence

When creating or editing the opportunity, you have to select closing date. To set recurrence please do following:

  1. Open Sales Pipeline
  2. Double click on the opportunity you would like to reoccur.
  3. Click on the Set Recurrence button next to the Closing Date.
  4. Configure the Recurrence according to your needs.
  5. Save Recurrence Settings.
  6. Save the Opportunity to apply Recurrence.

Opportunity Recurrence Pattern

Opportunity Recurrence Status allows you to set, when Recurrence occurs.

  • Opportunity can reoccur when closing Won or Lost Opportunity or in both cases.
  • Opportunity can reoccur into specify sales step, in which new opportunity will be replicated (default is first step).
  • Set Recurrence Pattern specifies time in which new Opportunity will be created.
  • You can specify time period, starting day and pattern of recurrence, e.g. every month on 15th day.


You cannot set a recurrence on the opportunity that is closed!
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