Pipeline: How can I create sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline describes an approach to selling your product or service, which is better known as your sales process. A sales pipeline is as a visual representation of your sales process where all your opportunities are displayed and neatly arranged according to their phase in your sales cycle.

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You can now create as many pipelines as there are defined business processes within your organization and associate them with specific teams (Sales units) in a single Sales Space. Accounts, Contacts and Leads are shared across all your Pipelines. You can move Opportunities between multiple Pipelines.
Pipeliner 7.5 and higher is required in order to add additional Pipelines. Click here to upgrade to newest Pipeliner version.

Add a sales pipeline

  1. Click on your Profile in the top right corner and select Administration.
  2. Click on Sales Space and select Sales Pipelines.
  3. Click on Add New Pipeline.
  4. Select Pipeline name, its color representation and create Sales steps. At least 3 Sales step are required per Pipeline. Please note, that Leads are shared across your Pipelines.
  5. Click on Create button to Add Pipeline to your Sales Space.

Since the 9.0. Automata update we have introduced multiple Pipelines. Now it is not necessary to assign Pipeline directly to sales unit. You may now assigned one or more Pipeline directly to a User Role

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